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1. Intro   2. Plan or Rough Sketch of Fort Chipewyan   3. A Map of Fort Chipewyan   4. Peace Athabasca Delta Study Area   5. Map Number Four   6. This Map   7. These Two Panels   8. Again the Linguistic Groups  
9. Peter Pond   10. The Trade Routes to the Athabasca   11. Location of Forts   12. Peace Athabasca Delta   13. The Book Jacket to the Book On David Thompson   14. A Picture Showing the Extent of Nottingham House  
15. A Larger Picture of the Main House   16. A Ground Plan of the Storehouse   17. Pictures of A Chimney   18. Pictures of Artifacts   19. They Found A Skeleton   20. Alexander MacKenzie   21. Sir George Simpson   22. Mr. Robertson  
23. Simon McTavish   24. A Picture of York Factory   25. Thanadelthur   26. A Sketch of York Factory   27. Alexander MacKenzie's Country Wife